Knowing How to Train Your Dog


Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. And like any relationship, you must learn to understand each other to communicate. We’ve seen amazing examples of how people have trained their dogs to respond to all sorts of commands and signals given to them.

Whether it be a vocal order or a hand gesture, a dog can be trained to understand all of them. A lot of people have stressed themselves out with problematic behaviors of their dogs. Not being able to control your dog can be disastrous and it can ruin your relationship with them, therefore, you must know how to have your dog comprehend what you want it to do.

Dogs are quick learners and undoubtedly helpful. You can rely on your dog to keep track of you like you can rely on android spy to keep track of your phone.

Training Your Dog:

Your dog is not a machine. You can’t program it. Like any infant, you should focus on teaching it with love and care. You want to make sure that the dog doesn’t take anything as a sign of you trying to be dominant. You will have to earn the dog’s loyalty by showing it that you only mean love.

The way to have your dog roll over and shake hands with you is long and tricky. But with these basic philosophies behind what you’re trying to do along with the knowledge of how to do it, you can easily get any dog to learn to love and understand you.


The language barrier between you and your dog is undeniable. So, we come up with a system that is physically articulating your appreciation and disappointment. Establishing a treat as a reward can be a good way to go about dealing with this situation.

You can start your training by patting your dog and saying good boy and a bad dog by offering and taking away treats. Once you’ve established a communication bridge that is based on the idea of getting treats, your dog will begin to understand what’s good and bad.

Starting from the Basics:

Your dog is curious and unaware of the things you want it or don’t want it to do. You can’t instantly get it to understand every logic behind every command. Therefore, you can start from the basic step that involved getting your dog to sit when you tell it to.

You can achieve that by holding a treat in your hand and letting your dog sniff it. Get your closed fist to the ground until you see the dog sit. Don’t give it the treat until it sits down. Also, when you’re rewarding your dog, try to smile and have some words like Good Boy that can settle in the dog’s mind the idea that you’re appreciating it.

The same thing goes for getting it to come to you. You can begin by putting a leash on your dog and getting down to the ground close to its face and saying come. Whenever you say come, gently pull on the leash until the dog obeys. Reward it with a treat once it gets to you.

You can expect this to take time and the more troubled or anxious the dog is, the more time it will take to develop a relationship of this sort but don’t lose your temper or all your progress will be lost and the dog will start despising you.

One of the most time-taking tasks to get your dog to do can be to getting it to leave whatever it is doing. You can do that by getting both of your closed fists in front of the dog with the treat inside both hands.

When your dog sniffs and licks and barks at you to open the first fist you lay out in front of it and say, “Leave it”, ignore the curious and demanding behavior.  When he understands that nothing is going to come off of trying to get it, give it the treat from the other hand.


You can be sure that with enough time, your dog will learn to understand the way you want it to be. But the crucial thing to know is that you can’t lose your temper in front of your dog otherwise it will get scared and consider you hostile.

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